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All of our training courses can be customized for specific client needs and delivered in person/on site, via webinar, or as an online course. 

Inclusion Recruiting: Best Practices for Attracting, Sourcing, and Recruiting an Inclusive Workforce.

The nine modules are:

      • Module 1: My Why for Inclusion Recruiting
      • Module 2: The Intent of Inclusion Recruiting
      • Module 3: Accountability for Inclusion Recruiting
      • Module 4: Managing Bias in the Recruiting Process
      • Module 5: Attracting Diverse Talent (Inbound)
      • Module 6: Sourcing Diverse Talent (Outbound)
      • Module 7: Managing the (Diverse) Candidate Experience
      • Module 8: The Influential Recruiter
      • Module 9: Engaging the Hiring Manager

Influential Recruiter: The Competencies and Behaviors of Corporate Recruiters needed for Career Success!

The six modules are:

      • Module 1: Recruiter Career Map
      • Module 2: The Influential Recruiter
      • Module 3: Business Acumen
      • Module 4: Social
      • Module 5: Attraction and Selection
      • Module 6: Behaviors

Courses Coming Soon!

  • HR’s Role in Influencing an Inclusive Culture
  • Inclusion Recruiting for the Hiring Manager
  • Influencing and Leading an Inclusive Culture

Start the journey of creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce.